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About Me

I’m Alan, an Irish Web Designer living in Cork City, Ireland. I graduated from C.I.T in 2011 and have been working freelance since before setting up my own design company SQUAWK Creative in the beginning of 2016. In early 2017 I co-founded a football blog – The Armchair View

I have a passion for illustration and writing. I’m currently in the process of finishing a collection of short stories which will be on sale later on in the year. For now, you can have a look at some of my random artwork, or say hi to me on Twitter, I’m always talking rubbish on that every day.


My main passion is Design. I believe in opening my clients minds to the power and potential of how an outstanding in design can benefit their business, product or brand. I’m an advocate of the “less is more” vision and I draw inspiration in everything from Vinyl sleeves, architecture and books to the obvious design trends and showcases online.

I work under the mantra of being open and accessible to my clients and see each project as an opportunity to push the boundaries of design and change the attitudes of how people perceive something.

SQUAWK Creative

in Early 2016 I founded my own design studio – SQUAWK Creative. I wanted to provide a top quality and affordable service to clients caught between being too big for a one man designer and too small for an Agency or company. The goal is to provide that Agency type service but on a more personal and scaled down version to fit the clients needs.

Since its inception, we have worked with dozens of clients on both a local and national level encompassing everything from therapists, property management and beauty clinics, to healthcare providers, hospitals, national charities and galleries.

In September of 2017, we were nominated for best web design company in Cork.

The Armchair View

At the beginning of 2017, along with three of my friends, I co-founded a new football blog called The Armchair View. It was founded through frustration at the click-bait and banter obsessed blogs already out there. Everything else seemed to be focused on breaking news and match reviews and we saw a gap in the market for a blog focused on writing feature pieces in a professional capacity whilst still maintaining a humorous and lighthearted persona. 

Horror Stories

Currently working under the moniker of Theb Alor creating short horror stories. Check it out and enjoy the stories.

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